Gloria Hill


Because your rights are under attack from a group of radical Republicans, if you are:

  • a minority (African American, Hispanic American, etc.)
  • a woman
  • a poor person
  • a member of the middle class
  • an elderly person
  • a college student
  • a member of the LGBT community
  • a military family member
  • a prisoner, who has paid his/her debt to society)
  • a jobless person seeking extended unemployment benefits
  • a person in need of affordable healthcare a.k.a. Obamacare
  • a victim of gun violence
  • a registered voter, the target of voter suppression tactics

On Nov. 4, get fired up and ready to vote every obstructionist Republican out of office. Since the historic presidential election in 2008 of Barack Obama, a Republican Congress, held hostage by this small, extremist right wing Tea Party faction, has refused to work with President Obama to get things done for the betterment of this country. Just consider how far they have been willing to go to derail his presidency. These intolerant, stuck-in-the-past Republicans have voted 50 times to kill Obamacare and failed. During the 2012 presidential election, they tried to block the vote of millions of registered voters and failed. They are trying, once again, to block your vote, to suppress the voting rights of millions of Americans. They have gone ballistic against your president and his agenda, and that goes against your best interest. The list, to date, of bills and proposals that these radical Republicans wanted to block, or see fail, is astounding.

From Day One, they have scoffed at practically every proposal President Obama put forth, while offering nothing as an alternative. Blatantly plotting to discredit him, to obstruct his agenda, to sabotage his presidency, was their primary goal. Not surprisingly, it was Mitch McConnell, the Senate’s highest ranking Republican, who headed the Republicans’ nefarious plot to block President Obama’s agenda. He told National Journal’s Major Garrett, “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

The list of disrespect, personal attacks, and character assassinations of this president is long. These radical Republicans have called President Obama all manner of ugly, demeaning names. Their attempts to de-legitimize him as President of the United States have been relentless Not only have they blatantly disrespected the most powerful leader in the world, as the world looked on in disbelief, they have embarrassed this country.

Against the greatest opposition ever faced by a United States president, Barack Obama has done a stellar job. And so far, all efforts made by Republicans to sabotage President Obama’s agenda, to destroy his legacy, have failed miserably. What President Obama has managed to accomplish during his presidency while facing unprecedented obstruction from the far right Tea Party faction, is amazing. His list of achievements is staggering.– over 250 accomplishments, to date, under his leadership. 

The signature achievement of Obama’s administration came in January 2014, when three million people were signed onto Obamacare. In the president’s words, 2014 will be “A year of action. … And that’s going to be where I focus all of my efforts in the year ahead.” As for the Debt Ceiling, there will be no negotiating. “When I can act on my own, without Congress, that’s what I’m going to do. … We cannot keep lurching from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis.”

Edith Childs, of Greenwood, South Carolina.

In the past six years we have seen huge progress under President Obama. Unemployment is at the lowest level since before he took office, before the Great Recession started. The deficit is rapidly dropping and is just 2.8 percent of GDP — the lowest since 2007, according to recent polls.

In 2008, Americans were “Fired up! Ready to Go!” (VOTE), like those words from Edith Childs, of Greenwood, South Carolina, inspired us to do during the historic presidential election of 2008. We turned out in huge numbers – and Barack Obama won.

In 2010, Americans dropped the ball. We became complacent and too many of us stayed home. We did not vote in this midterm election. It cost Democrats seats in Congress and Republicans gained control. It gave them the power to block, to obstruct, and do nothing but try to derail President Obama’s presidency.

In 2012, Americans got fired up and turned out in huge numbers to vote in the presidential election – and Barack Obama won — in part, the result of backlash from voters, angry over blatant voter suppression tactics of bitter Republicans.

In 2014 midterm election (Nov. 4), Americans, especially groups under attack from Republicans, should vote — like their lives depend on it. And in many ways they do.

How to stop them? Turn out in large numbers on Nov. 4 and VOTE!!!

Stand in long lines again, if necessary. Vote the obstructionist Republicans out of office. Get “Fired up! Ready to Go!” VOTE!!!

Gloria Hill is co-founder of the G&E Hill Foundation and an author and activist. Her latest book, VOICES: We Got Your Back, Mr. President, is available on and online at