Former Raven Torrey Smith, now a 49er, visited Oxon Hill High School to present them with the Amerigroup Challenge Reward.

Former Baltimore Raven Super Bowl champion and University of Maryland Alumni Torrey Smith made a trip to Prince George’s County May 8 to visit Oxon Hill High School. While there he helped present their reward for winning the county’s Amerigroup Challenge competition involving nine other high schools in the county.

The Amerigroup Challenge was designed to empower Prince George’s County adolescents and their families to take the appropriate steps to stay healthy, by seeing their primary care provider (PCP) once a year for a wellness exam. The goal of the Amerigroup Challenge was to increase rates of yearly adolescent wellness exams in the Prince George’s County areas.

Ten Prince George’s high schools competed in the basketball-themed challenge during in February.  Between participating schools, about 900 total wellness exam forms were completed.  Students were required to visit a PCP for their annual wellness exam, have their doctor sign the challenge coupon and return them to the school’s health department.

With 18 percent of those completed exams coming from Oxon Hill, they beat out Bladensburg, Charles Herbert Flowers, DuVal, Frederick Douglass, Friendly, Largo, Suitland, Eleanor Roosevelt and Fairmont Heights Prince George’s County high schools to win the Amerigroup Challenge and a $5,000 check towards the school.

Smith toured the newly renovated Oxon Hill High School. As he walked the hallways, students and staff members pulled out their phones to take pictures and record videos.  However, it wasn’t the typical reaction from people when they see a celebrity.  The students were in more of a rush to get to class on time, which shows how disciplined they are.

“Oxon Hill is an amazing school,” Smith told the AFRO.  “The things they have going on health wise, I’ve never seen that in any high school I’ve been to. It shows that the school itself cares a lot.

After the tour, Smith talked to the Oxon Hill student athletes about the importance of getting an education and maintaining their physical health. As he walked onto the stage, the room fell silent, with students’ eyes glued to Smith.

Smith talked about growing up, telling students he never planned to be a professional athlete, but the support system from his family and coaches pushed him to the position he is now in. From his speech, students learned how to balance school and athletics, and the importance of getting an education and going to college.

Smith told the AFRO the one thing he wants students to take from his comments is that, “It’s not about where you are from or where you started or what you have to deal with when you go home.  You control your destination and your future.  It’s all about making the right decisions and following what you’re trying to do.”

Although Smith has spent the last decade in Maryland, he is now apart of the San Francisco 49ers and resides in California.