Dr. Peggy Brooks-Bertram (Courtesy)

By AFRO Staff

The creator of this project, Dr. Peggy Brooks-Bertram explains the project best, “The Harris Letters: Put The Wind Beneath Her Wings” is a letter campaign powered by women to express their visions for America and to show support and uplift Senator Kamala Harris, the 2020 Democratic vice-presidential nominee. “As an author and community historian, I believe the power of women’s written words are needed to help this candidate be informed about important issues that impact communities and soar to new political heights. Research reveals her as an American candidate with global roots that touch African American, Asian, Caribbean, and Caucasian women. It serves all of us as women to see her rise,” stated Peggy A. Brooks-Bertram, Dr. PH., Ph.D., President and Co-founder of the Uncrowned Queens Institute for Research and Education on Women, Inc. now known as Uncrowned Community Builders.

Dr. Bertram added, “American women and women of Asian and Jamaican ancestry are excited about Kamala Harris’s nomination.”    

Why a Letter Project?  Dr. Bertram’s Letters Project is not focused on political division but supporting and encouraging women of all colors.  Bertram stated, “We all noticed that President Donald Trump launched an attack on Senator Kamala Harris immediately after the announcement of her candidacy for the Vice Presidency.” Bertram believes this is an important time for women of all ages to say no more! “No more will we as talented, strong, and intelligent women will we allow an attack upon women who strive to lead.”

She continues by expressing, “We can never get silent during these times even when we think there is no resolution. Well, there is a resolution–not the only resolution–but we can speak our minds without fear. We ALL have the power of the written WORD.”

The letters and written words of encouragement will be included in a publication titled: “The Harris Letters: Put The Wind Beneath Her Wings”.  Bertram’s vision includes Zoom conversations with women in the United States and internationally. Bertram would like women to come together to not only support Senator Harris during her historic journey, but also uplift each other and discuss how women could change the narrative that continues to define their passion and desire to lead as a negative.

How to Contribute to the Letter Project:

Who is Eligible?: ALL women from ANYWHERE are invited to submit a letter.

Submission Deadline: October 12, 2020

Send letters with a head shot to: pbertram@gmail.com

For more information, follow the Project on Facebook Page @TheHarrisLetterProject, https://www.facebook.com/buffalobfnc.