By Perry Green, AFRO Sports Editor,

A Florida man had his house raided by a Police SWAT team after threatening to sleep with the wives of the Dallas Cowboys’ employee staff.

According to TMZ, the Melbourne Police Dept. confirmed that a SWAT team was sent to the home of Keyon Reed, a 26-year-old former linebacker for the University of Tennessee Chattanooga, because he was making threats to harm members of the Cowboys team.

Kenyon Reed is facing charges after allegedly making threats against NFL coaches’ wives. (Courtesy photo)

“ had called members of the Dallas Cowboys and was telling them they needed to sign him,” police told TMZ of the May 3 incident. “They stated he was making threats to harm people if the Cowboys did not sign him.”

Reed reportedly hasn’t played football since 2012, his last year at Tennessee Chattanooga. But that didn’t curb his expectations of being selected by the Cowboys in this past April’s NFL Draft. The former college football player reportedly confessed to the threats he made, which included telling members of the Cowboys staff that he was going to “f*** their wife.”

“He stated they told him they could not do anything for him so he told them he was going to ‘f*** their wife,’” police stated in the incident report, according to Florida Today.

Reed wasn’t at home when the SWAT team arrived, according to Florida Today. Instead, his family brought him to the residence to be questioned by police. There, he told authorities that he never actually intended to hurt anyone from the Cowboys franchise, but was still “frustrated they wouldn’t ‘show him the real money.”

Reed has had run-ins with the law before: he was arrested for assaulting a police officer back in 2013.  Yet no arrest was made last week, as there is no formal charge in Florida for threatening to sleep with someone’s wife.