Former NBA player Javaris Crittenton, once a guard for the Washington Wizards, is facing new wave of legal troubles.

According to ESPN, he was arrested on Jan. 15, just after 6 a.m., when federal drug agents, federal marshals and local police swarmed Crittenton’s home in Fayetteville, a suburb 22 miles south of Atlanta.

Crittenton was led away in handcuffs to the Fulton County jail. He was indicted later that same day on drug charges in Atlanta, where he was already awaiting trial for his alleged role in the shooting death of a mother of four.

According to ESPN, Crittenton and his cousin, Douglas Gamble, were indicted in April 2013 by a Fulton County grand jury for murder in the death of Julian Jones, 22, a mother of four children.

Crittenton and 13 other people were named in the indictment that flowed from an investigation conducted by the federal Drug Enforcement Agency.

According to the 12-count indictment, Crittenton and Gamble participated in a criminal street gang and were linked to a shooting in Atlanta that occurred five days before Jones’ death.

Crittenton is mostly known for an altercation he had with another former NBA player, Gilbert Arenas, in 2010.

The teammates at the time brandished guns in the team’s locker room during a heated argument over a gambling debt.

The Los Angeles Lakers drafted Crittenton in 2007. The first-round draft choice played two seasons with four teams (Lakers, Memphis Grizzlies, Wizards and Charlotte Bobcats). His NBA career lasted only two years, ending with his release in 2010. After five games in the Chinese Basketball Association in 2010, he returned to the U.S. He played 21 games in 2011 in the NBA D-League.

Courtney Jacobs

AFRO Staff Writer