TriceEdney WireService — I believe that it’s the inclination of humankind to cling to the surety of the ‘here-and-now’ despite any accompanying discomfort possibly experienced.  There’s little debate that the uncertainty of future outcomes holds many in the grip of inaction. That’s why so many are forced, “kicking and screaming,” into the future – both physically and emotionally.  Unfortunately for them, progress and the march of time require forward movement.  As 2016 closes, this fact has never been more accurate for some!

Each year’s end, I’m compelled by habit to reflect on my blessings, achievements and disappointments.  I remain blessed in good health.  I have an amazing, loving mother. Her energy and stamina at 94 are still inspiring. My siblings and I share love that’s been nurtured throughout our lives and continues to grow.  The generations who follow have been indoctrinated in that spirit by our words and deeds. We enjoy a family bound in the spirit of love and mutuality that supersede possession or material gain.

Dr. E. Faye Williams

Dr. E. Faye Williams

I think fondly of friends who, on January 1st, joined me on this journey we call LIFE.  I grieve, but not too much, for those who left the journey during the year.  All of my friends – living or dead – have weaved their place in the tapestry of my life and leave me a better person for it. Often without speaking, we have agreed to take the best from each other and incorporate it into our own lives for our collective benefit.  Thus, we achieve our immortality by the good that we do and the inspiration we give to others to do more.

I’ve been blessed to be called to leadership in the National Congress of Black Women–one of our nation’s most progressive women’s organizations.  I take great pride in our membership and their unyielding endeavors of growth and achievement.  With the objective to improve the quality of life for women and our families, our organization plays an increasingly significant role in communities of color.

All of 2016 hasn’t been positive.  Most noteworthy in the negative is the “election” of Donald Trump.  Pragmatically and, especially, measured from announced Cabinet nominations, the future seems grim.  If the best prediction of future conduct is past performance, then our nation’s most vulnerable appear to be at serious risk.  Trump has demonstrated himself to be an unprincipled narcissist willing to exploit and take advantage of any circumstance that will benefit Trump.

In the weeks leading to his inauguration, there have already been multiple accusations of impropriety.  Notably, at the moment he takes the oath of office, he stands in violation of his lease for the property housing his new DC hotel.  Whether Plutocracy or Kleptocracy, Trump’s election is predicted to bring a monumental shift in the political structure of this nation.

Thus far, Trump has nominated a Labor Secretary who’s openly hostile to Labor.  He’s nominated an HHS Secretary who’s vehemently opposed to Obamacare and is an ally of the goal to privatize Social Security and Medicare.  He’s nominated an Education Secretary who’s committed to dismantling public education.  Egregiously, he’s nominated an Atty. General whose record of racism previously disqualified him from appointment as a Federal Judge.

From where I view the future, 2017 holds no prospect for “political enlightenment” or improving the prosperity of the masses who suffered under Congressional Republican obstruction.  I am only encouraged by my faith in God and the fact that WE have survived threats greater than or equal to those which face us now.

“I don’t feel no ways tired – come too far from where I started from.  Nobody told me the road would be easy, but I don’t believe He brought me this far to leave me!”

Let us move forward with that faith.

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