By Aria Brent,
AFRO Staff

Sixty-two percent of women entrepreneurs have noted that their businesses as their primary source of income. Statistics like this help establish the idea that women owning and starting businesses is a serious matter. No longer to be thought of as a casual hobby for women. 

Founders First recognizes just how real this is and has been doing their part by supporting and  providing funding to diverse led founders and their businesses. Annually, the organization has a national micro grant for mompreneurs called the Kitty Fund. Named after CEO Kim Folsom’s mother, the Kitty Fund was created especially to benefit mothers with small businesses. 

“It is actually a travesty in this country that women make up more than half the population and result in less than half of the businesses, that’s just not equitable,” stated Dr. Brandy Archie, founding director of AccessAble Living. ”It’s really important for  people to be intentional about supporting women-led businesses.”

Archie is an occupational therapist and a past recipient of the funding. She used the money to help start her app, “AskSamie,” which helps provide adaptive equipment to those with disabilities in the Kansas City, Mo., area. Like many recipients, Archie has figured out how to balance her blooming business, along with her life as a mother and a healthcare professional. 

Since 2020, Founders First has been awarding 25 budding mompreneurs $500 to go towards their businesses, but this year the grant has been increased to $1000. Founders First serves in six states, however the Kitty Fund is one of the three national grants they offer. 

Although Archie used her grant to help start her app, while running her in person business, Founders First Executive Director, Shaylon Scott noted the many other ways the funding has and can be used to help launch these businesses.

“The funding can be used for a variety of things to support their small businesses. They could use it for marketing, helping to bring on a new person to their team. They can use it for anything to support their businesses” shared Scott.

Some of their past recipients have gone on to thrive greatly by significantly growing their staff, joining some of the Founders First accelerator program and generating wealth for their families and communities.

Scott stated “As women we are always wanting to do it all, so being able to have the support to back up all the hard work that moms and women are doing is just one piece of the pie.” 

The Kitty Fund is currently open and accepting applicants until April 17. You can learn more about Founders First and apply for the funding here.