In one week it will be four months since Baltimore Homicide Det. Sean Suiter was gunned down in one of the most violent neighborhoods in West Baltimore, under incredibly dubious circumstances. His murder remains unsolved.

The narrative put forth by the Baltimore Police Department (BPD), under the leadership of former Commissioner Kevin Davis is, Suiter, while investigating a triple homicide, approached a “suspicious” man in a vacant lot between row houses on Bennett Place, in the West Baltimore community of Harlem Park. A violent confrontation between the man and Suiter, led to the 18-year BPD veteran being shot in the head with his own gun, while Suiter’s partner allegedly ducked for cover across the street.

Meanwhile, the suspect described only as, “a Black male,” wearing a hoodie with a stripe seemingly vanished into thin air. Further, Suiter was gunned down the day before he was scheduled to testify in a corruption case linked to the notorious Gun Trace Task Force.

Sean Yoes (Courtesy Photo)

The homicide detectives Suiter worked side by side with for years seem to be no closer to discovering the murderer of their fallen brother than they were early on in the investigation.

This despite the fact that there is a $215,000 bounty on the head of the person who killed Suiter, a husband and father of five.

But, for many Baltimore residents, there is no mystery here; they believe Suiter was murdered by one of his own, a member of the police department he belonged to. And some former members of BPD have thrown dirt on the dead man’s name.

During the recently concluded Gun Trace Task Force trial, disgraced former detective Momodu Gondo claimed he stole money with Suiter and other cops while on duty back in 2007.

Also, the day after he was murdered, Suiter allegedly was going to testify about a case in 2010 involving another former detective and GTTF member, Sgt. Wayne Jenkins. AFRO reporter Stephen Janis reported in Feb., that Umar Burley was involved in a car chase with Suiter and Jenkins, which led to the death of a Baltimore police officer’s father. Burley’s attorney Steven Silverman alleges Suiter was among a group of cops dressed in black, wearing face masks and not displaying badges and it was Suiter who rammed Burley’s car in an attempt to detain him and steal money from him. Subsequently, a federal drug conviction against Burley was vacated.

According to the Associated Press, a family member of another rogue detective from the notorious GTTF, Daniel Hersl, publicly alleged BPD is behind Suiter’s death.

After Hersl’s conviction in the GTTF corruption case, his brother Steven Hersl told a group of reporters outside the federal courthouse downtown, “Is there an unsolved murder of a police officer? They know what the hell happened…My brother Danny Hersl knows what happened…And he’s going to do some talking.”

Apparently, the Suiter case is so sordid the FBI refused to take over the investigation as requested by former Commissioner Davis back in Dec.

Sean Yoes

AFRO Baltimore Editor