Fourteen alleged gang members are off of the streets of 5th and Patapsco Avenue of South Baltimore’s Brooklyn area thanks to Baltimore Police.

On June 5 Baltimore City Police Commissioner Kevin Davis held a news conference announcing the indictment of 14 individuals involved in violent activity including guns, drugs, robbery, car jacking, and other crimes related to gang activity.

The neighborhood of Brooklyn has been a problem for Baltimore City Police because of near constant violent crimes.

Jonathan McFadden, Everett Washington, John Goodman, Troy Matthews, Christopher Miller and Corey Jones are still at large. (Courtesy Photo)

“This very small geography was disproportionately responsible for the violence in our city, so we had to do something about it,” said Davis.

Even though 14 indictments seem like a major bust for Baltimore Police, only eight people are in custody; six are still wanted.

In 2017, Baltimore City has seen 151 homicides, a dramatic increase from the previous year, but the neighborhood of Brooklyn has seen at least seven of those homicides.

Councilman Ed Reisinger, who represents the Brooklyn district, said citizens are stepping up and speaking out.

“I’m glad that it happened, it’s about time. The communities of Brooklyn and Curtis Bay have been seized by prostitution, drug dealers, crime in those two communities,” said Reisinger.

Police believe these crimes took place in less than a 20 block radius.

Antonio McDuffie, a business owner who is set to open a church in the neighborhood says the gap between older and younger generations need to be closed.

“But we as a community have to step up, the household has to step up. We could put the blame on everyone else, but it starts at home.”

Dequan Cheatham, 31, Dayquan Givens, 21, Carl Griffin, 25, Antione Lucas, 38, Horace Montgomery, 49, Lance Parker, 32, Crystal Whye, 33, and Adrian Worrell, 33, have been taken into custody.

Police are still searching for John Goodman, 29, Corey, Jones, 30, Troy Matthews, 30, Jonathan McFadden, 26, Christopher Miller, 25 and Everett Washington, 47.

Police urge those with information on the wanted six to call Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-877-LOCKUP or call 911.