Maryland households own the most flat-panel televisions and smartphones of any state in the U.S. per capita, according to a new survey.

The data was gathered in the 2010 Retrevo Gadget Census, the self-proclaimed largest study of people and the electronics they own and use. The census was conducted via an online survey from March to July by Retrevo, a consumer electronics shopping Web site.

Andrew Eisner, director of community and content for Retrevo, said the company looked at what gadgets people own around the country and how they use them.

“Maryland owns the most iPhones and Blackberries per capita,” he said. “With such a high concentration of lobbyists and government officials in the Beltway, maybe between the phone and the TV, these people are just soaking up information and news more than the rest of the country.”

The survey also found that people in Colorado owned the most laptops; Michigan took the top spot for point-and-shoot cameras; digital books and e-readers are popular in Massachusetts; and New Yorkers, always trendy and fashionable, owned the most Apple iPads and emerging technology such as Netbooks and Blu-Ray players. The Phoenix, Ariz. metro area lagged behind with more households that own older technology like cathode ray tube televisions and video cassette recorders. .

“One of the things that surprised me and was almost a little bit disconcerting was that we found there were more TVs in the United States than there are people to watch them,” said Eisner. “TVs are apparently showing up in all the rooms of the households. In fact, 68 percent of the households across the country have TVs in the bedroom. And we watch an average of five hours of TV per day.”

Eisner said that the company is now starting to sort through their data to compile information on gadget recycling trends across the country.


Melissa Jones

Special to the AFRO