Funk bandleader and all-around legend George Clinton appeared with Parliament Funkadelic. (Photo by Da’Rrell L. Privott)

Artscape is an annual festival that began in 1982 and has become the largest arts festival of its kind in the U.S., hosting over 400,000 visitors over a 3-day period. It’s held in Baltimore’s Cultural Center, a 14-square block area in the center of the city with both indoor and outdoor venues to support this mega event.

This festival boasts international and local genres of visual arts, multi-media, opera, theater, film, dance, food vendors, carnival rides, comedy, music, and most any thing to do with the expression of the arts. The festival has an annual economic impact on Baltimore City of approximately $26 million.

One major source of musical entertainment was held at Artscape’s Main Stage, where singer, songwriter, music producer, funk bandleader and all-around legend George Clinton appeared with Parliament Funkadelic, to what seemed like a human sea of adoring fans.

The band electrified the hot mid-summer air with old school style hip-funk music, which drove fans to dancing, screaming, and yelling. When Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic hit the stage a “hot soul dish” of happy times is served.

Sides included the band’s magnificent costumes colored like fireworks, insane beats, crazy volume and energy as hot as a nuclear power plant meltdown. If you lived during the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s you were time warped and didn’t want to ever leave the groove.

If not you were converted into a new fan, faster than an alien mother ship coming to beam you onboard. Yes, it was time to meet the entity behind the bug-eyed glasses, because this concert was one for the record books, and Baltimore got this amazing experience all at the amazing admission price of absolutely zero dollars.