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Jasmiyah and Tasimyah Whitehead. (Screenshot 11 Alive news report)

Georgia twins have been sentenced to 30 years in prison for murdering their mother, according to Alive11, an Atlanta NBC affiliate. Their mother Jarmecca Whitehead died January 2010 at their Conyers, Ga., home, but it wasn’t until now that the siblings confessed to the killing.

“My state of mind at the time was defend yourself,” Jasmiyah Whitehead said in her taped confession, according to Alive11.  “It wasn’t like a fight on the street, it was more like a fight until somebody dies.”

At the time of their mother’s slaying, the twins, who were 16 at the time, told police that an ex or stranger stabbed their mother and left her to die in a bathtub.

Police arrested the twins when their stories didn’t add up, but they continued to lie for five years.

In their taped confession, the twins said they killed their mother in an altercation that started when the twins woke up for school late and their mother threatened them with a pot taken from the stove.  Tasmiyah Whitehead allegedly wrestled the pot away from her and in the ensuing fight, the mother procured a knife and tried to stab them, the girls claimed.

Jasmiyah and Tasimyah Whitehead with thier mother (center) Jarmecca Whitehead. (Facebook photo)

“We all yelling, we all mad. Somehow, someway I don’t know where she got it from, I don’t even remember a knife block but she has a knife,” Jasmiyah said in her confession.

“So my mom is winning the battle with the knife or whatever, so I pick up the pot and hit her with the pot,” Tasmiyah said.

“She bit me in the chest and like I said, I’m not that that big so when she bit me she latched on to me and I tried to get her off because it hurts so I’m trying to punch her, I guess that then Tas stabs her. She stabbed her,” Jasmiyah said.

The twins then dragged their mother to the bathtub to die.  While in the tub, Jarmecca Whitehead was still alive and said she hated them and that they were going to jail, according to Alive11.

“I’m sorry and I miss her,” Jasmiyah said.  “It’s not how ya’ll are trying to make it seem. I didn’t hate her. And Tas didn’t hate her either. I guess it was just the heat of the moment and the anger between all three of us.”