By Micha Green, AFRO Washington, D.C. Editor, [email protected]

Anyone who has ever spent any time with a Black woman has likely heard one of the major cardinal rules- Never touch a Black woman’s hair.

Brittany L. Huff, not only disregarded this fundamental rule, but learned the hard way about the consequences of touching a Black woman’s hair, after being arrested for snatching Angie Marie Smith’s wig.

Brittany L. Huff was arrested for allegedly snatching another woman’s wig and lighting it on fire. (Facebook)

Smith, 54, of Macon, Georgia, called the Bibb County Sherriff’s Department on Huff after allegedly snatching and burning her $85 wig because she thought it was ugly.

According to The Root, the women were hanging outside with a group of people when Huff continued to make comments about Smith’s hair.

“Sitting here minding my own business, she kept saying, ‘Your wig sho’ ugly. Your wig sho’ ugly,” Smith said in a video from The Telegraph.

“I said, ‘Leave me alone, Brittany,’” Smith said. “I said, ‘You did not buy this wig.’ And she just took it off my head and grabbed it and burnt it up. And I was not bothering her.”

26-year-old Huff allegedly made a game out of stealing Smith’s wig.

“First when she grabbed it, she [sat] on it. And then after she [sat] on it I told her I was finna’ go call the police. Then when I came she thought I was playing, and then when I came back, she took [the wig] down and lit it.”

Huff appears to have messed with the wrong Black woman as Smith was not playing about calling the police.

“While interviewing Miss Huff, I observed a burned [hair] piece that appeared to have been a wig lying on the ground,” a Bibb County deputy wrote in his report according to The Root.

Huff denied burning the wig but an eyewitness supported Smith’s story.

As a result of her wig snatching, Huff was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing.

So, if you’re thinking about it, never touch a Black woman’s hair. Actually, just don’t touch anyone’s hair without their permission.