A President Obama look-a-like will star in a new German musical which was scheduled to open January 15, according to the Associated Press.

The production, titled “Hope: The Obama Musical Story,” is a bilingual musical performed in English and German that highlights Obama’s journey to the White House through various dance and song numbers. The musical, which opens in Frankfurt, will also feature characters of Sarah Palin and John McCain.

According to the AP, a total of 30 singers, actors and dancers are involved in the show, which was conceptualized by American writer Randall Hitchins and German-Italian producer Robert Emmanuele. If successful, the show may evolve into an international tour.

Initially, Hitchins only wanted to compose one song with the title “Yes, We Can,” a reference to Obama’s internationally recognized campaign slogan, but decided to turn the idea into a complete production. Together, Emmanuele and Hitchins created a colorful stage drama that incorporates hip-hop, rock, pop, soul and gospel elements.

The musical also encourages the audience to participate by playing small drums built into their chairs.

“Hope” is not the first Obama musical to hit international stages, however. In 2009, “Obama On My Mind” toured theaters in London and “Obama: The Musical” premiered in Nairobi, Kenya.