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In The Land of Kush, one can find a vegan style restaurant with healthier options for the Baltimore Community, thanks to owner, Gregory Brown, 44, who promotes health, while keeping the soulful taste of popular foods.

In his desire to represent African heritage, Brown decided to give a “modern” twist to its history. “I wanted a name that represented the pre-Atlantic slave trade so that’s how the name came about,” says Brown.

The Land of Kush serves vegetarian and vegan foods that keep their flavorful tastes familiar to most people. The restaurant has been open for four years, but Brown has been in business since 2004.

Inspired by his vision board, Brown used his aspirations to further his plans. “Through the practice of doing that, the idea of owning my own restaurant came out of that and the fact that I was a vegetarian or just becoming a vegetarian at that time that’s how the concept of the vegetarian restaurant came about.

“We consider ourselves as the ultimate vegetarian experience. We specialize in a vegetarian soul food cuisine. We wanted to attract people not only who were vegan and vegetarian, but who weren’t,” says Brown.

Despite the disproportional rate of heart disease between Whites and Blacks, Brown advises a slow transition towards veganism. “Here in Baltimore, you have a lot of urban farms, so you’re able to pick up produce and get started and start preparing some fresh produce and bringing that stuff into the house,” says Brown.

Brown also suggests including at least one vegan meal a day. In addition, one can also take part in “Meatless Mondays,” a day of meals prepared without using any meats. “When we change our diets or how we eat, it is changing our lifestyle and it is a lifestyle change,” says Brown.

As the dietary choices of Blacks shift, so will The Land of Kush’s restaurant goals.

“We will like to franchise the restaurant. We really want to take this thing at minimal wide if not worldwide. We’re looking at a second location that we would like to do here in Baltimore, D.C, and Philly,” says Brown.

To those who may be skeptical of trying vegan foods, Brown says, “As African Americans, I think we should step outside of what’s comfortable for us because we have to do those things to be successful and to further ourselves in this world. So, don’t be afraid, step outside your box, try some new things and educate yourself.”

The Land of Kush is located at 840 N. Eutaw Street in Baltimore and can be reached at 410-225-5874.Check it out on Facebook also.