There are often cases of people being robbed for their jewelry, but a Sacramento street crime has people in California’s capital city buzzing.
That’s because a 17-year-old robbery victim’s losses June 24 included the cash in his pocket cash and the gold teeth in his mouth.

One man has been arrested and the teeth have been recovered. Police said the suspect is one of three men who allegedly pistol-whipped the teen, then took his cash and his teeth. The dentures are valued at between $600 and $1,600, according to Fox 40 News in Sacramento.

“They’re advertising and putting themselves up there to get robbed,” South Sacramento resident Ricky Mayers told Fox 40 of the practice of adorning cosmetic dentures with gold.

Jeweled teeth, commonly referred to as “grills,” were made popular by hip-hop artists. Some wearers have even added diamonds to the oral appliances.

The arrested suspect was captured the night of the incident. According to the Sacramento Bee, 19-year-old Lonnell Roberson was apprehended after a Sacramento County sheriff’s deputy, acting on a description of the robbery suspects chased a car similar to the vehicle linked to the crime. It was stopped after the driver sped through a stop sign and into oncoming traffic.