Several governments and sports organizations nationwide are calling for boycotts of travel to and business with Arizona following that state’s passing of a tough immigration bill.

Members of the city councils in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. both took steps during the week of April 26 to legislate boycotts of Arizona, while San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom imposed an immediate moratorium on city employees traveling to Arizona.

D.C. Councilman Michael Brown (I-At Large) plans to introduce a resolution which will call on the city government and employee pension fund to divest from companies that do business or originate in Arizona.

“Anything where government is sponsoring any sort of profiling that I believe is racist, we have to take a stand against as the nation’s capital,” Brown told the Washington Post.

The World Boxing Council, based in Mexico City, said it vehemently opposes the new law.

“ will not authorize Mexican boxers to leave the country to fight professionally in Arizona, United States, due to the shameful, inhumane, and discriminatory anti-immigration law, which is no other thing than a flagrant violation to the basic principles of dignity and equality between races,” Jose Sulaiman, WBC president, said in a statement.

San Francisco city attorney Dennis Herrera has asked Major League Baseball to move the 2011 All-Star Game from Phoenix.

MLB has not responded to the request, but Michael Weiner, executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association, said that he would protect the interest of the his 40-percent Latino membership.

“We hope that the law is repealed or modified promptly,” he told the AP. “If the current law goes into effect, the MLBPA will consider additional steps necessary to protect the rights and interests of our members.”