For immediate release:
September 10, 2015

Erin Montgomery
Eric Shirk

Governor Larry Hogan Announces $25 Million for Local Road Investments

Counties and Municipalities Urged to Apply for Grants by September 30

ANNAPOLIS, MD – In an effort to support counties and municipalities with road improvements, local governments will be receiving applications in the mail soon that need to be submitted by September 30. These applications also can be downloaded online at this link.

Historically, 30 percent of all Highway User Revenues went to counties and municipalities to support their local transportation funding, but during the 2010 legislative session, the amount going to local jurisdictions was cut from 30 percent down to 9.6 percent.

“This administration remains committed to restoring funding levels for local road improvements and this $25 million investment is a step in the right direction,” Governor Hogan said. “Everyone in the state relies on Maryland’s roads, and this funding will help local governments deliver the quality infrastructure our citizens need and deserve.”

This $25 million will be added to the estimated $171.9 million in Highway User Revenues the local jurisdictions were set to receive in fiscal year 2016. These new funds are in addition to the governor’s $2 billion investment in road and bridge projects announced in June. The Hogan administration added this funding in a supplemental budget during the 2015 legislative session.

To be eligible to participate in the transportation grant program, all county and municipal governments and Baltimore City must submit an application by the September 30 deadline and agree to use their grant solely for repairs and investments in local roads. The funding from the Transportation Trust Fund will be split among the 24 jurisdictions based on the number of roadway miles maintained by each local government. If all jurisdictions apply, the grants will provide $2 million to Baltimore City, $4 million to counties, and $19 million to municipalities. The state funds will be distributed in October.