The Greater Washington Urban league seeks to expand knowledge by providing key tips for negotiation and financial growth.

By Aria Brent,
AFRO Staff

The Greater Washington Urban League (GWUL) is celebrating financial literacy month with a series of free events that are focused on helping people develop financial habits that’ll benefit them now and later!

The first part of a two part series about negotiating in the workplace and what it can do for your career will begin on April 25! The second part of the ‘From Knowing to Negotiating Your Worth’ event will be hosted on April 27.

“Negotiating is the transaction of terms when accepting a job, a contract, etc.The purpose is to ensure you are able to achieve as much of the market that’s available to you.” Tauna Batiste explained.“It is essential in your career to negotiate.”

Batiste has a background in executive leadership and is the CEO of Drew Alexander consulting in Columbus, Ohio.

She shared that most companies will offer minorities contracts that are lower than what their market value and that after accepting these contracts on their face value they’re missing the opportunity to grow their personal brand and value.

“A Roadmap to Retirement Planning” is a follow up event to be held on April 28, and will be focusing on how to live comfortably during retirement.

Batiste noted that a lot of elders in the Black community don’t prepare for retirement because they don’t trust financial institutions due to racism and economic crises like the Great Depression. This distrust has been passed down through the generations causing a ripple effect and a huge disproportion in the amount of Black people retiring. However, educating people on how to properly invest in a retirement could help increase the amount of Black people who get to retire on time and comfortably.

“It’s how White people have maintained their wealth through the years. In our community there is a hesitancy to retire because of distrust of financial institutions and not recovering from that. Not having the skills or exposure is holding us back from being able to provide for our families in our later years which then leads to health disparities because you’re still working when you’re 70,” said Batiste.

Much of the Urban League’s programming is meant to create an impact that lasts lifetimes through a multi-generational appeal.

GWUL encourages interested participants to attend each of these events which are virtual and can be registered for on the GWUL Eventbrite page.