Derric E. Thomas, Esq., owner of Half Note Restaurant and Lounge in Bowie, Maryland, is comfortable remaining outside of Washington, D.C. “The D.C. market is different,” he told the AFRO. “Half Note caters to PG County residents who work all day in D.C., come home to P.G. County, and then had to go all the way back to D.C. to have a night out.  We brought the experience closer to home.”

Half Note-Courtesy

Dining area of Half Note Restaurant and Lounge.

Half Note is located at 4881 Glenn Dale Road. The venue provides customers with live jazz and old-school R&B entertainment six days a week. The owner sums his mission as, “P.G. County residents are progressive, educated, and deserving of having a venue they can go to for Happy Hour, Sunday Brunch, and also cater to their late night dining needs; in their county.”

According to Thomas, the lounge’s goal is to combine outstanding customer service with great food. There is also free parking and a $10 cover charge. Half Note was voted as the Best of Prince George’s County by the Gazette Star Magazine in 2013.

Thomas said safety of his patrons was paramount. “Safety and security at Half Note is a combination of community dependability, dedication of staff, reliable county police, and responsible patrons. We rank ourselves a 9 on a scale from 1-10, when it comes to safety,” he said.

Hill is a frequent patron of Half Note who shares a similar viewpoint about the restaurant. “I enjoy Half Note because they have managed to capture the essence of the city night life that extends to all eligible age groups. They provide great parking, good food, and drinks are a reasonable price. There is always a live band and the cost to participate is minimal,” he told the AFRO.