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By Michelle Richardson
Special to the AFRO

Did you know that out of 1.3 million attorneys only 5% are African American? Okoye Morgan, a St. Petersburg, Fla. resident and a Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) law soon-to-be graduate, decided that those numbers aren’t good enough. 

Morgan, who also has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Tampa, decided to write a children’s book encouraging little Brown boys and girls to go to law school. 

“I did some research and saw that only 5% of lawyers are Black. It’s such a great racial disparity within the legal community. Just from the police brutality and the systemic injustice and inequality that we’ve seen, it motivated me to say ‘Let’s do something to get the next generation’s interest into this field so we can close this disparity and start having substantial change,’” said Morgan. 

Two percent of attorneys are Asian, 5% Hispanic and none are Native American, according to the bar association. 

Morgan’s self-published book “The Boy Who Went to Law School” was released on Thanksgiving and has been gaining traction through the holiday season and now in the new year.

“It’s been a blessing to make a mark on these young people’s lives and change their perspective. I didn’t grow up in a neighborhood with attorneys, so when you pique a child’s interest it gives them more opportunities to say ‘I can be what I’m seeing in this book and the cartoons that look like me,’” Morgan said he hired an illustrator to bring his vision to life and the book took off from there. 

“The feedback from “The Boy Who Went To Law School” has been amazing,” said Morgan. 

“Pre-schools that want a more diverse literature have contacted me wanting to carry my book in the school system. One lady called and asked if I could be the mentor to her nephew and I’ve been asked to read at elementary schools. On Christmas we did a toy drive and book giveaway.” 

Morgan says his goals in the next six months are to finish law school and publish another book, all while studying for the bar. “The book initiative is great because it’s allowed me to tap into my creative side, but these books are building a scholarship foundation for African-American students that decide to go to historically Black law schools. Proceeds from the books offer scholarship opportunities, so I’ll be writing more. For Black History Month, I’ll be launching t-shirts that will also go towards the scholarship foundation.” 

Morgan, who plans to be a criminal defense attorney, will take the bar in Florida, but wants to be bar certified in multiple states. 

“I feel like God has a calling on my life to help people all over, so I want to be able to be there when someone calls me for anything, whatever it is, whether it’s police brutality or whatever they need. I want to be there.” 

“The Boy Who Went To Law School” follows a young boy whose heart is set on being a lawyer despite other kids laughing at his vision of lawyers. He sees them as superheroes fighting for human rights.

In the end, he goes to law school and earns a 4.0 GPA. The book closes with a career page where kids can see the various areas lawyers practice, including corporate, entertainment and immigration law among others.

“The Boy Who Went To Law School” is now available on Amazon