High Point High School special education teacher and former football coach Andre Brown.

High Point High School special education teacher and former football coach Andre Brown, 32, was arrested May 22 charged with sexual assault of a minor. He was indicted on a single count of sexual abuse. He awaits his July 3 arraignment, according to State’s Attorney spokesperson John Erzen, out on a $75,000 bond.

According to reports, the alleged abuse occurred during homecoming weekend September 2013. Brown allegedly asked the then 17-year-old student to accompany him to the locker room, on school grounds. After the alleged abuse, the student reported it to the police. According to police, Brown admitted his involvement upon arrest.

“Even if the sexual act was consensual, he’s sort of a guardian with the victim. Any sexual contact is entirely inappropriate,” Lt. Bill Alexander with Prince George’s County police told NBC Washington. Brown attended High Point High in the late 1990s, and was a member of the football team. He was hired to teach at his alma mater in February 2002, according to the Washington Post. He took over as head coach before the 2011 season and after leading three 4 win/26 loss seasons was fired from the head coach position according to Sandra Jimenez. Jimenez told the Post that he was let go “due to the poor performance of the football team this past season.”

On the day after the arrest, May 23, Prince George’s County Schools released a statement saying: “When allegations of misconduct arise, the school system’s procedure is to remove the employee from their current position during the investigation. The employee is placed on administrative leave pending the outcome.”

News of the incident has left members of the community devastated for the family. Karen Coakley, president of the Beltsville Citizens Association, told the Post, “My heart goes out this girl. The parents have got to be horrified. Teachers are in roles of authority and it is such a sacred trust.”

Family members of the accused are not 100 percent sure Brown is guilty. Brown’s grandfather told NBC Washington, “That was his dream, he wanted to be a high school principal. He came back to give back to his school as a head coach and this out the blue skies pops up. I can’t believe it happened.”

The AFRO reached out to High Point High School staff and no one was available to comment.


Jonathan Hunter

AFRO Staff Writer