Former NFL defensive lineman David Carter, far left, members of Vegan Outreach, center, and Naijha Wright- Brown, far right, one of the owners of Land of Kush restaurant.

In the North West district of Baltimore at the top of Park Heights avenue, where the predominately Black community meets the predominately Jewish community sits the Northwestern high school which held its 2nd Annual ‘10th Element Of Hip Hop: Baltimore Hip Hop Green Dinner,’ on May 2.

Students at the Baltimore city public high school were given a presentation on eating green during the school day, followed by the Green Dinner the following evening. The event was open to the public and featured musical performances by local artist such as Poet Deep and Watoto from the Nile and lectures from the likes of Dr. T.L. Osbourne.

The cuisine was provided by Baltimore based The Land of Kush, which is owned by the husband and wife duo Gregory Brown and Naijha Wright-Brown. The principal of Northwestern, Saeed Hill, said, “I wasn’t exposed to this food until I was 42, so I wanted my students to get ‘it’ early.”

The menu included BBQ ribs, macaroni and cheese, corn bread, and kale salad which were all vegan. Even the ribs, which are made from a secret recipe.

The mission of the evening, and of Land of Kush, is to give people a chance to indulge in food that not only elevates their body but also their minds. The thinking, said WrightBrown, is that “when you eat living foods (plant-based) you live and you feel alive all over; and when you eat things that are not living(animal-based) you feel like those things that you eat, not alive”.

Other attendees included the ‘300 hundred pound vegan,’ better known as former NFL defensive lineman David Carter, a long-time advocate of the vegan lifestyle. The event was organized by The Black Vegetarian Society of Maryland, Ingrid Antonio, and the BeMore Group and presented by Vegan Outreach.

Much of the food served will be available at the Baltimore Vegan Soul Fest this August.