In the midst of a sold out concert, hip-hop mogul Jay Z took to the microphone to pay homage to Nelson Mandela.

Just four days after Mandela’s death, the rapper performed on Dec. 9 at the Staples Center and dedicated his song “Forever Young” song to the man who helped bridge South Africa’s racial divide.

“We want to dedicate this song to Nelson Mandela. A great man,” Jay Z said at the concert. “Spent 27 years in prison, came out to be president…All dreams are possible. Tonight I’m living my dream in front of y’all. So anyone out there who got a dream, y’all chase that motherf—er down as hard as you can. Let that great man stand as an example of what you can do.”

Fans sang along at the concert, part of the ongoing Magna Carter World Tour, as a projector screen displayed pictures of Mandela throughout the duration of the song.

The moment marked the second time in recent days that Jay-Z paid tribute to Mandela. On the day the first Black president of South Africa died, the rapper posted a photo of Mandela on his Life and Times webpage.

Mandela died on Dec. 5 in South Africa at the age of 95.

Blair Adams

AFRO Staff Writer