Instead of learning about civil rights icons and Black dignitaries in a textbook, Washington D.C. students will have the chance to meet the heroes in person, thanks to this year’s “Back to School With the Historymakers” event.

On Sept. 27, W. Gregory Wims, civil rights leader and one of the “Little Rock Nine,” civil rights activist Bernice Johnson Reagon, news producer Frank Smith and a host of other Black icons and dignitaries will appear in schools across the District.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will chair the nationwide effort with the goal of having more than 500 Black leaders go “back to school” in 68 cities in 30 states.

The program puts HistoryMakers in direct contact with over 25,000 students across the nation to inspire them with their life stories and to encourage youth to strive for excellence.

The theme of the day is “COMMIT.” The HistoryMakers will recount their own school experiences and the struggles they encountered on their paths to success.

HistoryMakers Founder and Executive Director Julieanna Richardson encourages educators everywhere to use The HistoryMakers digital archive to enrich their students exposure to the contributions of African Americans across the globe.

This year, schools participating in the event will receive a free one-year membership for the digital archive, which includes extensive and easy-to-access interviews with 310 HistoryMakers.

For a complete listing of participating schools and HistoryMakers in Washington, D.C., please see the attached list below.

Schools HistoryMakers
1. Anacostia Senior High School 1. Olden, Ken
2. Williamson, Samuel P.
2. Ballou Senior High School 3. Beane, DeAnna Banks
4. Weaver, Reginald
3. Benjamin Banneker Academic High School 5. Maclin, Arlene Paige
6. McKinney, Rufus W.
4. Booker T. Washington PCHS 7. Clarke, Priscilla
8. Clipper, Joseph Daniel
9. Foster, Robert
5. Calvin Coolidge High School 10. Carpenter, Joseph
11. Davidson, Joe
12. Peete, Nan Arrington
6. Cardozo Senior High School 13. Day, Agnes A
14. Donaldson, James Ashley
7. Columbia Heights Educational Campus 15. Cook, Jacques
16. Haynes, Leonard
8. DIH: Benjamin & Gladys Amos (1) 17. Holmes, Arthur
18. Ivey, Mary
9. DIH: Ernest & Helene Campus (2) 19. Hansberry, Gail A.
20. Sims-Wood, Janet Louise
10. DIH: Ernest & Virginia Amos (3) – Lower 21. Harris, Janette Hoston
22. Rolark-Barnes, Denise
11. DIH: Wilson & Odessa Butler Campus (4) 23. Morris, Frank
24. Reynolds, Barbara
12. Ellington School Of The Arts 25. Jackson, Raymond
26. Reagon, Bernice Johnson
13. Friendship Collegiate Academy PCS 27. Mitchell, Tyrone
28. Morris, Vernon R.
14. Hoffman-Boston Elem. School 29. Callender, Clive O.
15. Hospitality High School of Washington, D.C. 30. Bailey, Larry
31. Curry, George
16. Howard D. Woodson Senior High School 32. Ernest Green
17. Luke C. Moore Academy 33. Amos, Kent B.
34. Lawson, Jennifer
18. Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy Public Charter School 35. Grigsby, Marshall
36. Coleman, Milton Richard
37. Farmer, Sharon
19. McKinley Technical Senior High School 38. Hill, Darryl
20. National Collegiate Preparatory PCHS 39. Smith, Frank
40. Williams, E. Faye
21. Paul Laurence Dunbar High School 41. Robinson, Harry G.
42. Temple, Riley K.
43. Bolden, Scott
22. Perry Street Prep Public Charter School 44. Patton, Vincent W.
45. Saxton, Samuel
23. Roberto W. Clemente Middle School 46. Jackson, Alexine
24. School Without Walls SHS 47. McGee, Oliver George
48. Abron, Lilia A.
49. Sessoms, Allen Lee
25. Shepherd Elementary 50. Dellums, Leola “Roscoe”
51. Pierre, Zina
26. The Washington Metropolitan High School 52. Symonds, Curtis
53. McDaniel, Norman A.
27. Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School 54. Gilmore, Al-Tony
28. Washington Latin Public Charter School 55. Stanton, Robert
56. Harris, Robert L.
29. Woodrow Wilson High School 57. Bundles, A’Lelia
58. Wims, W. Gregory