A Houston charter school science teacher has been fired for beating a teenage student in April.

Sheri Lynn Davis, a 40-year-old instructor at Jamie’s House Charter School, backed 13-year-old student Isaiah Johnson into a corner for making fun of one of his female classmates and violently beat him, according to CBS News. The incident was caught on video that became public and grabbed national attention during the week of May 10.

“ just started beating him up,” classmate Janiqua Johnson told TV station KHOU. “His behavior may have been bad but he didn’t deserve that.”

Davis was placed on administrative leave following the April incident. Once the video footage was made public and was reviewed by school officials, she was fired on the evening of May 10.

“It was horrifying,” Sue Davis, a spokesperson for the school who is not related to Sheri Davis, told CBS News. “There’s just no other word for that.”

A full investigation has been launched by the Crimes Against Children unit of the Harris County Sheriff’s office, according to the Associated Press.

While officials from the school consider the beating as an isolated incident, Jamie’s House Charter School has been cited with “noncompliance” 27 times by the state for issues with teacher certification, attendance and participation in the states’ standardized testing program, according to CBS News.

Johnson’s mother told the AP that he sustained a black eye and bruises in the attack. He remains enrolled in the school and is attending classes, Sue Davis said.