By Perry Green, AFRO Sports Editor

Buffalo Wild Wings tweeted out an apology on the night of June 1 after someone allegedly hijacked its Twitter account and posted several racist tweets.

The series of tweets were posted at approximately 7:30 p.m. on June 1 and remained on Twitter for nearly 20 minutes before being deleted. Multiple tweets included the use of the n-word, while some of the tweets targeted individuals like famous Black media personality Tariq Nasheed.

“F**king n*ggas, I hate em,” the Buffalo Wild Wings account tweeted right before tweeting:  “Reminder that @TariqNasheed is a racist coon…”

Tweets posted on Buffalo Wild Wings Twiiter account. (Screengrab via Twitter)

The popular sports bar franchise apologized nearly two hours after the tweets had been deleted, and claimed it had been hacked.

“Well, we were hacked.  And it wasn’t funny.  We apologize for the awful posts, which obviously did not come from us,” tweeted Buffalo Wild Wings.

Nasheed said White supremacists have been cyber harassing him on Twitter ever since the hateful tweet directed at him.

“Finally Buffalo Wild Wings verified that they were hacked. But I still have a bunch of white supremacists harassing me because of the tweet from the BWW account…. I’m willing to settle out of court for an 80 piece order of Lemon Pepper wings, and some curly fries,” Nasheed tweeted.

Nasheed also said he believes the same racist hackers that targeted him in the BWW tweet were the same persons who called in a false report to police the day before, claiming Nasheed had bombs, prompting a S.W.A.T. team to show up at his Los Angeles home. Nasheed said the false call was an attempt to use the police to assassinate him.

“What’s interesting is the same white supremacist hackers who mentioned me in the racist Buffalo Wild Wings tweets, (using their ‘Cx’ code word) are the same people responsible for trying to orchestrate a targeted hit on my life yesterday,” Nasheed  tweeted.

Perry Green

AFRO Sports Editor