Georgia state Rep. Tyrone Brooks, (D-Atlanta). (AP Photo/Stephen Morton)

State Rep. Tyrone Brooks (D-Atlanta) is set to propose a resolution imploring the State of Georgia to formally apologize for its unjust role in slavery of the African-American population.

The bill, which Brooks intends to file before the start of January’s legislative session, states that though, “centuries of brutal dehumanization and injustices cannot erase the past,” recognition of and an apology for slavery “can speed racial healing and reconciliation and help African-American and White citizens confront the ghosts of their collective pasts together.”

This is not the first time that Brooks has pushed for the same proposal. Brooks—a longstanding civil rights leader and head of the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials—pushed for a similar bill in 2007. But the measure failed to garner any support in the Georgia General Assembly, in which the majority of votes would have been Republican.

This bill is one of several proposals Brooks intends to bring before his fellow lawmakers. He also announced a bill that would raise the state’s minimum wage and another bill to ban racial profiling by the police.

Brooks’ resolution comes amid his indictment by a grand jury on allegations of mishandling nearly $1 million in charitable funds. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Brooks has pleaded not guilty and argued that his poor bookkeeping skills led to the mishandling of the funds. Brooks’ trial on federal fraud charges is set for April.

Several states including Alabama, Florida and North Carolina have passed similar measures apologizing for slavery.