Ebony Humphrey, wife of New Orleans Saints TE Tory Humphrey Sr., presents her first book Inside the Locker Room: A Journey of Faith and the Power of Prayer. Released in Spring 2011, through the Charisma House imprint Creation House, she takes readers through the highs and lows of life as the wife of a professional athlete.

Inside the Locker Room: A Journey of Faith and the Power of Prayer is a personal account of Ebony Humphrey’s tumultuous childhood living with a mentally ill mother, abuse, and time spent in the foster care system. She explains how her personal relationship with Christ brought her through the hard times. Now Ebony declares victory as the mother of four and wife of a professional athlete. She encourages readers to depend on the power of God to guide all aspects of their lives.

Humphrey learned to put God first and trust his will for her life. Her prayer and faith keep her from crumbling each time her husband is injured on the field, and it is that same faith that keeps her rooted in who she is in Christ. A complete contradiction to the over-the-top lifestyle portrayed by ‘Ballers Wives’ on television and in the media, Humphrey works to live her life as a virtuous woman and apply the word of God to her personal, business, and social life. She shares her blueprint for life with readers in her touching and powerful book.

To learn more about Ebony Humphrey, visit www.ebhministries.com