By Venus Fisher, Ph.D.
Dean, Online Program & Institutional Effectiveness

To be attainable something must first be accessible. That is particularly true for higher
education. Accessibility in higher education means ensuring that people from different backgrounds, economic standings and experiences have an opportunity to learn. However, access to academics is just one element of truly accessible education. It is also important for any learner to have the right support services to create a truly accessible education experience.

Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA) makes healthcare education accessible for adult learners
by offering a range of flexible online programs and support services to help learners at every step of their journey, including their job search.

If you’re considering the next steps of your educational journey, here are three things to

The Type of Education that Fits Your Needs Might Not Be the One You Expected

Ask a typical American to describe ‘higher education’ and they will likely describe a four-year, traditional college experience, with dorms and campus greens and classes full of students.

While this is one option, it is not the only option. For more than a decade, technology has made flexible online learning possible. These types of programs can help students who need to balance courses while also managing families and jobs.

However, it’s important to understand that not all online programs are created specifically
with online learners in mind. If you’re looking for an online learning experience that is both
flexible and immersive, it is important to ensure that the online courses you choose are created intentionally for online learners. Done right, online learning goes beyond ‘sit and listen’ and includes opportunities to engage.

It is also good to think through your availability and the time frame you have for your
educational journey. Many online programs can be completed in much less than four years; for example, UMA offers eight different programs that some students complete in less than 18 months. By opening your mind to all types of educational opportunities, you may find that a non-traditional path best meets your needs.

Find a Place That Provides Holistic Support

In addition to finding the right kind of program offerings, it’s important to consider the way an academic institution supports its students. Challenges both inside and outside the
classroom can impact academic success. The right student support services can help  learners manage hurdles in their coursework as well as in their lives. For example, it can be difficult for an adult learner to focus on coursework if they are also troubleshooting issues with childcare, transportation or time management, which can be the reality for students who have families and jobs. Support services that are designed with adult learners in mind can offer resources to help with these challenges as well as supporting students through the learning process. While some students may frequently use support services and others may only reach out from time to time, knowing that your academic institution is there for you can help provide a boost through challenging times.

Even when it’s accessible, committing to a new education journey can be scary and tough –
but having the right resources can make all the difference.

For UMA grads, support is also available at any point after commencement, for a resume
brush up, job search support or interview practice. Researching the variety of support
services offered by schools can help you gain a better understanding of what’s available, and the emphasis placed on supporting students before, during and even after courses end.

Know Your Current and Potential Impact

We can all be our own harshest critics and investing in your own educational journey can feel daunting. However, any new journey takes perseverance and confidence. Potential
learners can help find confidence by fully envisioning themselves succeeding in a new
career. Alternatively, imagine how you would support and encourage your children, family or loved ones in pursuing their own dreams and aspirations. Be as kind to yourself as you would be to others.

Investing in knowledge is a wonderful way to care for yourself and the well-being of those
around you. Also, new knowledge can open career paths and opportunities for growth. Your
investment in education can go beyond you – it keeps on giving and inspiring your family, your circle of friends, and your community.

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