By MARK F. GRAY, AFRO Staff Writer,  [email protected]

If it really comes to pass that Doug Williams is the architect of the decision to bring former San Francisco 49’ers linebacker Reuben Foster to the DMV, then we know he is the real power broker in the Burgundy & Gold’s organization.  However, the optics of the latest self-induced public relations nightmare says otherwise.

The chain of command in an organization can be a window of where its moral compass lies beneath the surface.  It can also serve as a view of who will be the “fall guy” when crap hits the fan.  Things point to Williams being in that precarious spot.

Super Bowl Champion and Washington Football Team Senior Vice President Doug Williams is in a precarious position to take the fall for the hiring of San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster. (Courtesy Photo)

Williams and head coach Jay Gruden have been cleverly positioned as the front men to answer the tough questions publicly where they couldn’t have been the people to ultimately sign off on team’s latest surprising acquisition.  They faced the cameras, microphones and recorders having to respond to national probing about claiming a player who is facing domestic violence charges again without the team’s president or owner offer any comment.

The fact that Williams has already been scrutinized for the lapse in communications between the front office and the team after they brought Adrian Peterson in for his workout, questions whether real decisions are being made by the former Super Bowl MVP.  So far that move has worked out, as suddenly, Peterson is the best player on offense after Derrius Guice’s season ending knee injury in their first preseason game.

There is something inherently odd when team president Bruce Allen is publicly silent as the avalanche of accountability continues to melt away his theory of “winning off the field.” This process resembles the team’s on field performance against the New Orleans Saints where they lost on Monday Night Football 43-19 after their “bye week”.  The entire organization looked unprepared for the reaction to a justifiable football decision that flies in the face of morality.

Claiming Foster off waivers makes good football sense.  If he’s found not guilty of domestic violence against a woman who filed charges against him before, they will have the rights to a first round talent for at least three more years under a rookie contract.  If Foster is convicted it costs them only $250,000 which is pocket change by NFL standards these days.

In this politically charged climate of social correctness there was no reason to be proactive when claiming a player who probably won’t make an impact on the team this year.  The logic behind creating a distraction leading into their most important game of the year at Philadelphia on Monday Night makes bad football sense for the here and now.  Washington was the only team who filed a claim and they could’ve easily waited until after the legal case was resolved before making this transaction.

There is a Trumpian pattern of social insensitivity in the Burgundy and Gold’s front office and an apparent lack of respect for women too.  This is the same organization who was accused by several former cheerleaders of “pimping us out” to corporate partners who accompanied them on a 2013 trip to Costa Rican trip that included and “optional” topless photo shoot for a calendar.

The franchise has already given itself a parachute by relying on “investigations” and the adjudication of Foster’s case before adding him to the active roster. However, if a video surfaces and he’s caught like former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt by TMZ, who will Daniel Snyder hold accountable?

Williams looks like the quarterback who has no protection from the blindside to a hit that could leave him in the same position as Alex Smith professionally.