For those of you who might have been looking for my efforts in our last publication, I must apologize. At the time I was busy roaming the corridors with my hospital gown flowing in the breeze. I stopped by our local hospital complaining of a tummy ache and left with a tummy tuck.

While attempting to mask my pain and cover my dignity, I was treated to horror stories coming from the Los Angeles Clippers camp. Unless you have been completely out of touch, you know the story: Clippers owner Donald Sterling was caught on tape voicing some very racial viewpoints. When this hit the airways, a gasp could be heard across America.

It surprises me that the stench from this bomb has lasted so long. It is news, but it is old news. If you remember, Reds owner Marge Shott made waves a few years ago for making her opinions about people of color known. There was uproar and cries of outrage and eventually Marge lost her team. This may have seemed like justice, but for those paying attention, it came a little bit late.

These things are going on daily. Some make more of an impact than others, and some just eventually get swept far enough under the carpet that company won’t notice.

Not long ago, the Rutgers University women’s basketball team came under the scrutiny of talk show shock jock Don Imus. After winning the National Championship, Imus referred to this team of young ladies as a bunch of “nappy headed ‘hos.”

That was a shot heard around the world, and if you listened it sounded like the public was planning another crucifixion. Instead, Imus was fired, eventually rehired, given a raise and a corner office. Tune in right now, and you can follow his current journey into darkness.

A few months ago, the patriarch of the Robertson family of “Duck Dynasty” television fame, Phil Robertson served up another dish of rhetoric that was hard to swallow. There was speculation of the show’s cancellation, or even dropping Phil Robertson from the show. The light briefly shone on this issue and, before you knew it, it was business as usual. To be honest, I am hooked and haven’t missed an episode.

A very important part of this equation is the fact that, when it comes to messing with the dollar, the Good Ole Boy Network is going to drop a blanket over the problem until the smoke clears.
News is news, and if there is a buck to be made, go for it. How do you think the tabloids have survived all of these years?

Most recently, news broke that footballer Michael Sam is in negation with the OWN Network for a show. For starters, Sam is a seventh-round draft pick and there is doubt whether he will make the NFL. He has mediocre talent to say the least, and the only reason he is confronted with this opportunity is because he has announced he is gay.

Find something newsworthy, and the media is going to run with it. It has been that way forever, and it ain’t going to change.

Tim Lacy

Special to the AFRO