Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s former personal physician, is expected to stand trial on manslaughter charges beginning Sept. 26.

According to reports, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor hopes to begin jury selection on Sept. 8 to make sure that there’s enough time to complete that process before the date he’s set for the beginning of the trial.

“That is still the go-date,” Pastor said. “I want to keep a short leash on this case.”

Murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of the King of Pop. He’s accused of giving Jackson propofol, a powerful sedative, to help the singer sleep. Prosecutors said Murray’s administering of the drug and failure to monitor Jackson led to the charges.

Meanwhile, Murray’s lawyers plan to question an assistant to another one of Jackson’s doctors. Jason Pfeiffer, who worked as an office manager and personal assistant for Dr. Arnold Klein, is suing his former employer for prescribing Jackson with prescription drugs.

“Toward the end of June 2009, Klein told Pfeiffer that Michael Jackson was having trouble sleeping, and Klein said that he was going to prescribe muscle relaxers in Pfeiffer’s name as a patient but that Pfeiffer should pick up the prescription and then arrange for Michael to pick up the medication from Pfeiffer,” Pfieffer’s suit alleges, according to CNN.

Murray’s lawyers are expected to use Pfeiffer to support their theory that Jackson administered drugs to himself. If convicted, Murray could face up to four years in prison.