A District judge on May 31 ordered former mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown to testify before the Council next week about his alleged quid pro quo arrangement with Mayor Vincent Gray’s administration.

Brown, who is set to appear before the court on June 6 in the Wilson Building, has been the focal point of local and federal investigations into the hiring practices of Gray’s administration. After he was fired from his position in the Department of Healthcare Finance earlier this year based on revelations of a checkered legal past, Brown claimed Gray’s campaign staff paid him cash and promised him a job in exchange for his attacks on former Mayor Adrian Fenty during the mayoral race.

In a series of hiring practice hearings led by Councilmember Mary Cheh, other allegations of nepotism and cronyism were examined as five children of administration officials were hired into the administration and salaries were set above caps.

In a previous statement to the AFRO, Cheh said contractors found it difficult to serve Brown with a subpoena. The Council later voted to use court enforcement to issue the writ.

On Tuesday, Judge Judith Macaluso said the city has a right to hear Brown’s testimony and ordered a 7 p.m. time limit.

Gray spokeswoman Doxie McCoy said the mayor will not attend Brown’s hearing on Monday. “I’m not aware of any requests from the committee for any administration officials to attend the hearing,” McCoy said.

Gray has publicly denied that he promised Brown a job.

It is unclear whether restrictions have been placed on what Council members would say as investigations are being led by four different agencies: D.C.’s Attorney General’s Office and Office of Campaign and Finance; the FBI and the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, which oversees matters pertaining to the District.


Erica Butler

AFRO Staff Writer