Kenneth Steel was born on Feb. 27, 1937 in Iredell County, N. C. He was the youngest of Mary and Fred Steele’s four children. He enjoyed being the baby of the family as he grew up.

As a young man Kenneth entered the Air Force, where he worked on repairing military planes. When Kenneth got out of the Air Force he could not find work and he started to drink. He became a alcoholic for many years in New York and lived on the streets. When his father passed away in 1991, Kenneth came to Baltimore for his funeral. He stayed in Baltimore and after a short time his sister, Aleane Gaither was able to get him in the V. A. Rehabilitation program. With the help of the V. A. and his family, Alean Gaither and Kenneth’s aunt and uncle, Ann and Johnnie McKee, Kenneth was able to maintain his sobriety until his death. When he completed his rehabilitation Kenneth came to live with his sister Alean and her daughters Terri and Valerie Gaither. When Kenneth’s sister Alean passed away in 2004, Kenneth continued to live with his nieces, Terri and Valerie Gaither.

Because of his dementia and ill health, Kenneth was in and out of the hospital for the last few months of his life. In July, 2012, Kenneth’s health deteriorated rapidly and he spent the last two weeks of his life in hospice care. On the 4th of August Kenneth passed away without any pain. The family of Kenneth Steele would like to thank the doctors, nurses and social workers at Sinai Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care and Loch Raven V. A. Community Living and Rehabilitation Center for giving Kenneth a peaceful passing.

Kenneth is survived by nieces Terri and Valerie Gaither Gaither, his aunt and uncle Ann and Johnnie McKee, cousin Christine McKee, uncle Henry Steele, great niece Cherese Hough and her husand Wayne Hough, great nephew Garry Gaither and his wife Kisha and a host of other relatives.