Gabby Samone will be performing during the ‘One Moment in Time’ concert on Aug.30 at Keystone Korner at 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased online at (Image courtesy of CarVer Communications Group)

By Aria Brent,
AFRO Staff Writer,

Local singer and vocal powerhouse, Gabby Samone is preparing to hit the stage in a personal tribute to legendary vocalist, Whitney Houston. Before her big performance on Aug. 30 at Keystone Korner Gabby Samone spoke with the AFRO about what fans can anticipate from the show and what this opportunity means to her. 

AFRO: What made you want to do a tribute show to Whitney Houston ?

GS:  I grew up listening to her and watching her. I’ve always been inspired by how powerful her voice was, and how entertaining she was. She didn’t just sing, she spoke to us. Her stage presence was amazing and she touched people’s hearts, that’s what inspired me to want to do that.

AFRO: Can you discuss how she’s influenced your career as an entertainer ?

GS: I grew up in the church, and I grew up as this shy girl who didn’t really know her voice used to sing super light and I didn’t know that my voice was powerful until I started to get a little older. I started watching Whitney more and she inspired me to sing out. I started to develop my voice more andI learned how powerful my voice was just from watching her. She inspired me to touch people instead of just singing. 

AFRO: What can guests anticipate from the show 

GS: They can expect to  be entertained, and to feel Whitney. I’m not trying to be Whitney but I really want to give them a show and give tribute to one of the greatest artists ever. There’s going to be a lot of talent there that night. Guests should be ready to have a good time.

AFRO: What made you want to collaborate with the other companies and businesses involved in this show ? 

GS: Keystone [Korner] is iconic, there’s always some amazing talent there. It’s no better place to be to celebrate somebody like Whitney.

AFRO: What is the biggest thing you want to continue to uphold regarding Whitney Houston’s legacy?

GS: I want to continue real music, real talent and just grace and elegance. It’s not a lot of artists out there that are still trying to hold on to the grace and elegance of things. I just want to bring that back. The power in people’s voices can touch people, and the message. I want to bring back the message in music as well.

AFRO: What songs are going to be sung on Aug. 30 at Keystone Corner?

GS: The setlist has a lot of her hits. ‘You Give Good Love’, ‘I Will Always Love You’ –of course you can’t do a tribute without that song. I’ll be singing ‘I Have Nothing’,‘The Greatest Love of All.’ I’ll also be singing a few of her upbeat songs. 

AFRO: What does this opportunity mean to you 

GS: This opportunity means the world to me. I’ve always wanted to sing her songs to people and touch people so this opportunity means a lot to me.