Kids Wish Network

When you picture someone who has suffered a stroke, you probably think of an older person, not an 8-year-old boy. Meeting Jalin Hopkins of Columbia, Md. might just change your perception. The young boy suffers from a rare and dangerous blood disorder but is still able to maintain a positive attitude, a trait that definitely came in handy during his recent wish trip granted by Florida-based charity, Kids Wish Network.

Jalin’s medical dilemma started almost two years ago, when he started experiencing unexplainable high fevers, severe headaches and dizzy spells. Doctors noted that his blood pressure was extremely high and ordered an MRI. The test results came back with a diagnosis of Moyamoya disease, an uncommon blood vessel disorder where the ring of blood vessels at the base of the brain increasingly narrow, blocking blood flow to the brain.

Because this life-threatening disease is progressive, Jalin got worse before he got better. Restricted blood flow to the brain caused Jalin to suffer mini-strokes, temporary paralysis, severe migraines and seizures before he had an 8-hour brain surgery to expand the narrowing passageway.

Thankfully, he was well-rested before he began his wish trip to Disney World, thanks to the charity. Jalin and his family set off on World Moyamoya Day and spent their all-expense paid wish trip relaxing at luxury accommodations, dining at Orlando’s best restaurants and discovering all Disney has to offer.

“Jalin had the time of his life,” recalls Lynell Hopkins, his mother. “All he talks about is how much fun he had on the rides. The experience was something none of us will ever forget; I can’t thank Kids Wish Network enough.”

Kids Wish Network would like to thank all the generous sponsors that help grant Jalin’s wish: Fairfield Inn & Suites, Orlando at SeaWorld, Compassion Partners Program, TGI Friday’s, Fuddruckers, Splash Bar & Grill, Flippers Pizzeria, and Wonder Works.

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