By J.J. McQueen,
Special to the AFRO

Over the past 2-years the wave of Covid has negatively impacted countless childcare centers across the United States. However, it didn’t stop the dreams of Angela Johnston-Kidane of opening her own childcare center. In celebration of her efforts, she gathered with new families, friends, relatives, and staff members for the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Kidzstuff Childcare Center at 1009 East 43rd Street. 

The occasion brought about a sense of relief for parents like Mr. and Mrs. Barrett, who find peace in knowing that their children will receive quality care under Johnston-Kidane’s leadership. 

Angela Johnston-Kidane thanking supporters
Angela Johnston-Kidane, owner of at Kidzstuff Childcare Center, thanking supporters (Photo by J.J. McQueen)

“We had a quality experience with our children attending other locations that Angela managed, and there was peace of mind for us as a family because of that experience. -Mr. Barrett

Martrice Jenkins, “The culture here is great! We get to laugh with the kids and our coworkers, but when it’s time to buckle down and teach we get it done together. That’s what makes this a special place, the culture.” 

Reading Zone at Kidzstuff Childcare Center. (Photo by J.J. McQueen)

An important early advantage of attending Kidzstuff is the support agencies like the Family Tree, who find that having additional supplemental measures of help in place can potentially add to the growth of most children. 

Susanne Funk, “We’re a support group for childcare providers throughout Baltimore city, we are here for everybody in the city to lean on for the supportive needs of the children and staff members. 

Art table at Kidzstuff Childcare Center. (Photo by J.J. McQueen)

Chiquana Truitt of Family Tree, “We also provide additional staff development needs.”

With 1/3 of the childcare centers closing during the pandemic, the opening of Kidzstuff is a bright spot for the families in East Baltimore, one that Mrs. Johnston-Kidane believes in the mission of. 

“One day I was standing in the hallway and saw a kid crying, I reached out my arms and they jumped up and laid their head on my shoulder. I knew then that I wanted every kid to feel like they were being cared for away from home.”

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