Kirk Franklin will be performing in Washington D.C. on March 19. (Courtesy photo)

There are many things that Kirk Fanklin, the 46 -year-old, award winning gospel singer is known for, but a solo tour has never made the list – until now.

After a nearly five year break, Franklin released the single “Wanna Be Happy?” which soon led to the release of his “Losing My Religion” album and now his first solo tour.

According to Franklin, his favorite song on his album isn’t the first single he released, but it’s another track called “Intercession.”

“I think its “Intercession” that really speaks to what I am. It came at a very dark time and that’s why I think that song will always have a special place for me.”

The goal for any album is to have a tour, according to Franklin. And that is exactly what he has set out to do.

Franklin has been known for his message of “lose your religion” but that’s not what this tour is about.

“ is really about the whole 20 year career of music, that’s why we call it ‘20 Years and One Night,’ because it’s really about the body of work that God blessed me to have and I was to be able to show that to people,” said Franklin.

Even though his tour isn’t about his “lose your religion” message, he believes that the message can still be expressed.

“Hopefully what I’m saying and what I believe will be the driving force people to want to pursue a relationship with Christ that will be greater than what denomination they are, how they should act – let’s let the music be transformative about the trinity to get people started to begin to see God different.”

Franklin first came to prominence in 1993 with the release of “Kirk Franklin and the Family,” a platinum record of Franklin and his vocal ensemble, known as the Family. What followed was a string of chart topping gospel music, a series of lawsuits over ownership of the music and eventually Franklin going solo in 2001.

Along with the excitement of Franklin’s first solo tour there is also some nervousness, but his nerves aren’t slowing down his busy schedule in preparation for his tour.

“I’m scared. Because this is my first time ever doing that and I want to be excellent at it, so I’m hoping and praying that that will happen.”

“I’m just letting the music be the driving force for what I’m doing. I’m trying to make sure that I’m hearing all the music, that I’ve got all the music in my heart and mind – I’m seeing what looks good and feels good.”

Franklin’s general goal for his tour is to “make God famous,” but that’s not the only goal he has set.

“My general goal is to make God famous; to make God known in the culture; to make his name, his popularity, and the person of God known,” said Franklin. “That’s always my goal, along with showing people that gospel music as an art form can still be entertaining, while at the same time, inspiring. One doesn’t have to suffer because of the other.”

When asked if he had any last remarks about his tour Franklin simply said “I’m very excited about it.”

With the large fan base that follows Franklin, he surely can’t be the only one anticipating his upcoming tour.

Kirk Franklin will be at the Warner Theatre in Washington D.C. on March 19. Check for other dates throughout the country.