A.C. Green, the commercial jingle writer who composed the “Yes We Can” tune for President Obama, has composed the
“Kwanzaa Song,”
A sample of “The Kwanzaa Song”
the first song to receive major radio airplay celebrating the holiday.

“It was ironic to me that something we have been celebrating for years had not music to it,” Green said.

Green, who plays music at several churches, was trying to prepare celebrations for Kwanzaa and realized there was a scarcity of songs that he could use in the events. He said he realized that not only did he need to create a song, but he needed to create one with commercial appeal.

“The music that I found was good, but it wasn’t commercial so to speak,” he said. “The young people, the children and the middle-aged folks didn’t have a melody to sing along with.”

The tune, performed by Message Crew, features rapping and singing. The words flow over the melodic beats of the song.

“Seven days, seven nights no doubt/Let me break it down what it’s really all about,” the lyrics say. “So you can recognize the gameplan at hand/And understand what this brother man is saying.

“And in the end, when I’m done, when I’m finished/the negative thoughts in your mind will diminish,” the song continued.

The song also highlights the seven principles of Kwanzaa: Umoja for unity, Kujichagulia for self-determination, Ujima for responsibility, Ujamaa for cooperative economics, Nia for purpose, Kuumba for creativity and Imani for faith.

“This song is hot,” Darryll King, Chicago-based gospel radio show host, said in a statement. “Radio stations nationwide talk about Kwanzaa each year, now we have music that fits the celebration.”

Now that the song has received major airplay, Green hopes that other people will be motivated to make Kwanzaa songs. He hopes to have a group of songs to choose from the next time he plans a Kwanzaa celebration.

“You have artist out there who probably have just never thought about ” Green said. “Some of the more popular artists really should consider doing something for Kwanzaa.”

To hear a sample and download “The Kwanzaa Song,” visit www.thekwanzaasong.us.