My dear Black queens, why do you hide your natural curls under a weave? Why do you relax your hair to be straight?


Akira Kyles

Every Black woman should embrace the beautiful curls that they already have. You don’t need inches, you don’t need a relaxer – all you need is to embrace the natural hair already on your head.

Since birth the hair on my head has never been permed, relaxed, or covered by a weave. There is a certain beauty in the curls ladies, a beauty people are jealous of because they can’t naturally possess it – and there it is right on your head.

That fake horse hair, Brazilian hair, or Indian hair is nothing compared to the natural bouncy curls of a Black woman.

There has been many a time where people have assumed that I am wearing a weave or mixed with Hispanic because my hair is so curly.

Many older women have said “people would pay a lot of money to have curly hair like yours” or “I would love to have my hair as bouncy as yours.”

There are many women that have curls like mine or even curlier than mine that would prefer to wear a weave.

It doesn’t make sense to me. Your curls are so much better, for so many reasons.

Embracing your natural hair is more affordable than buying a weave. Natural hair products can be up to $20 a bottle compared to the $99 a bundle for a weave.

There is also the luxury of never having to worry about rain. No umbrella? No problem. Natural hair only gets curlier and more gorgeous.

In a hurry? No problem, wet your hair, style it as you like and go.

Then there is pleasure of going swimming and having the pool style your hair for you.

They say beauty is pain but why does it have to be? Using a relaxer to straighten your hair can actually burn your scalp. Women have compared getting their hair relaxed as being set on fire, yet they keep doing it.

Natural curls do not burn you, they simply bounce and sit on your head.

People think they are limited with natural hair, but you can style it so many ways. There are the popular Bantu knots, buns, and, my personal favorite, bouncy twist. There is also the age old trick of pinning up your hair.

I will admit that these hairstyles can take one or two hours, but that is nothing compared to the usual three to six hours to sew or braid in weave.

Now ladies, I am not in any way saying that you can’t enhance yourself a little. Throw on some make-up, dye your hair, or get bangs if you want, but covering up your curls or relaxing them is not an enhancement.

Every day I have to decide what to do with my hair – a pin up, a bun, hair out, or maybe even some twist, but I usually end up just throwing on a headband and calling it a day.

It isn’t hard, painful, or too time consuming. If I can manage it every day with my hectic schedule and constant laziness, anyone else can too.

Akira Kyles is an intern in the Baltimore office of the AFRO American. She studies journalism at Morgan State University