The statue of Confederate Gen. Alfred Mouton is being lifted in the air.

The statue of Confederate Gen. Alfred Mouton is removed on Saturday, July 17, 2021 in Lafayette, La. The statue was moved from the front of city hall where it has stood for 99 years. (Scott Clause /The Daily Advertiser via AP)

By J.K. Schmid
Special to the AFRO

“The Confederacy has surrendered,” Jerome Moroux, a Lafayette, La. attorney, told the Advocate.

The same day, a statue of Confederate General Jean-Jacques-Alfred-Alexandre “Alfred” Mouton came down to cheers, jeers and taunts as it was unceremoniously hoisted away by crane and onto a waiting flatbed.

Mr. Moroux represented 16 city residents demanding the statue be taken down.

General Mouton was a slaver, dying in a cavalry charge when a Union marksman shot him out of the saddle during the Battle of Mansfield.

“He was a war criminal,” Fred Prejean told the Advocate. “When Black soldiers were captured, they disappeared.” Mr. Prejean is president of Move the Mindset, the 16 Lafayette residents organized to remove the statue and represented by Mr. Moroux.

General Mouton enslaved captured Blacks while on campaign, a definitive war crime.

The Mouton family has deep ties to Lafayette. The family owned the land where the city was originally founded. General Mouton himself was the son of a Louisiana governor.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy donated the Mouton statue unconditionally in 1922, putting an edifice on the Lost Causer movement and cementing Jim Crow in the city for 99 years.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy have 45 days to submit in writing where the statue is to be moved, the permission of the property owner of the new location and a specific location to unload the statue. Without this input, the city will dispose of the statue as it sees fit.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy declined to go to trial when it became known that the organization would have to disclose a full list of members publicly at its July 26 trial date.

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