NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor was indicted June 23 in New York on several charges related to rape and prostitution and could face up to four years in prison.

According to the Rockland County District Attorney’s office, Taylor is charged with one count of third-degree rape, one count of third degree criminal sexual acts, two counts of third degree sexual abuse, one count of endangering the welfare of a child, and one count of third degree patronizing of a prostitute. Taylor, 51, has denied all charges.

Taylor’s indictment comes more than six weeks after he was arrested at a Holiday Inn located in the Village of Montebello within the town of Ramapo, N.Y. The Ramapo Police Department was tipped by NYPD on a possible rape that occurred, which led to allegations that Taylor paid a 16-year-old girl $300 to perform sexual acts.

The victim told investigators she was verbally and physically assaulted by her pimp, Rasheed Davis, who allegedly took her to meet Taylor at the hotel. But Taylor’s defense team told reporters they have evidence and a witness to prove their client’s innocence.

According to ESPN, a sworn testimony by a 23-year-old woman claims she rode along with the accused pimp and the 16-year-old to Taylor’s hotel. The 23-year-old, who ESPN did not identify based on agreed conditions, said Taylor did not rape the girl, who allegedly returned to the car with $300 and said: “It was weird …we didn’t even have sex.”

However, the press release issued by the Rockland DA’s office did not mention the 23-year-old woman’s presence when Davis was arrested in the Bronx upon his return from the hotel. Davis has since been charged in federal court for sex trafficking.

“The defendant in this case is the end-user in the criminal chain known as sex trafficking,” District Attorney Thomas P. Zugibe said. “Any effort to successfully combat this epidemic must confront not only the supply of vulnerable young women, but the demand which perpetuates this unsavory and illegal activity. We are going to hold those who create the demand accountable.”

Taylor, currently out on a $75,000 bail, will appear in court on July 13.