By Jake Pickering

U.S. Army Lieutenant General Charles Flynn needs to be arrested immediately for facilitating the right-wing domestic terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. Flynn is an accessory to the murder of Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick.

Charles Flynn is the younger brother of convicted felon Michael Flynn, who was National Security Adviser for Vladimir Putin’s puppet Donald Trump.

3 hours and 19 minutes went by before traitor Trump’s intransigent Pentagon (publicly shamed by the television news networks during disapproving live coverage) was finally forced to send National Guard troops in response to pro-Trump terrorists.

Cop-killing conservatives like Charles Flynn belong in prison, not in uniform! Flynn should already be incarcerated awaiting trial on charges of sedition and facilitating the capital murder of a police officer at the U.S. Capitol.

There will be no presidential pardon this time for this fascist Flynn brother. Lock Flynn up!

Jake Pickering
Arcata, CA, USA

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