Submitted by Wayne Dawkins

Let us resolve that American citizens not allow a person with no public service experience to be elected U.S. president.

Trump had no public service experience when he ran for office and was elected to the highest U.S. government position. His lack of experience, judgment and empathy showed. 

Trump did not learn on the job either. If anything, his human resource depreciated.

No. 45’s counselor Rudy Giuliani once ridiculed Barack Obama for serving as a youthful community organizer. Obama, editor of the Harvard Law Review, who had the talent to make money on Wall Street, chose to improve the lives of the afflicted and disenfranchised in South Side Chicago. He went on to become an Illinois senator, U.S. senator from Illinois and 44th U.S. president.

Public service should be required in order to assume the U.S. presidency. However, holding elected office before the top job is not necessarily required. Dwight Eisenhower, who was a two-term president in the 1950s, did serve as supreme commander of U.S. Armed Forces during World War II, which was public service. And post-war, the unpretentious Midwesterner served as president of ivy-leafed Columbia University.

As for other politicians, they may be annoying and infuriating 90% of the time, yet they have the skills to do the right things 10% of the time when it matters. Trump never had that skill set, evidenced by the lethal, domestic terrorist siege of the District of Columbia and its Capitol.

Let’s make sure we never let a narcissistic con man with no public service experience ever get near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the Oval office.

Wayne Dawkins
Suffolk, Virginia

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