Submitted by Baltimore Residents in 21212

The residents here on the following streets are bringing to your attention what happened to the stamped mail on our doors and mailboxes.

The streets are Tunbridge, Northwood and Cameron Road; Midwood Avenue; and The Alameda. A few weeks ago, as the residents left out of their homes, their stamped mail was found on the ground. Thank God our neighbors saw it and gave the letters to their neighbors. Please remind the mail carriers they must be extremely careful and actually put the mail in their stamped mail bag. Many bills with checks in them did not get mailed out and again the residents’ bills were late, which caused fees and interest.

We, the residents, all are keeping a record of these charges that will be paid by the United States Post Office and in specific the Govans Post Office, this has been brought to your attention. Now that you know, be mindful and careful delivering the mail and picking up stamped mail.

Thank You, 

Baltimore Residents, 21212 

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