Submitted by Jake Pickering

Snake handling, snake oil salesmen of God Keep raking in the cash from the foolish flock. Speaking in tongues and acting like a maniac Will cure COVID-19? Who needs a vaccine? Jesus wept, then he said “Why go back?” After 2,000 years? Forget that claptrap. Jesus, save us from your blasphemous fans! Human beings were designed with brains. Go ahead and use yours, folks. It’s not a sin. Refusing to use what God gave us is a shame. The unvaccinated are the ones to blame! Don’t take medical advice from charlatans. Especially politicians called Republicans, who only have one real concern these days, which is keeping QAnon crazies enraged. Faked outrage over fake conspiracy “news”, fascists freaking out about space laser Jews, traitor Trump whining about being a big loser.  Trump should be in jail, being a sexual abuser. Matt “The Molester” Gaetz is going to prison. If I were the dad, he would no longer be living! Gaetz sex trafficked a minor across state lines. It’s the new GOP = Greedy Old Pervert time. Don’t let the name Jesus cross your lips, GOP.
Republicans are the party of anti-Christianity.

Jake Pickering
Arcata, CA, USA

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