We have already won!

It is not quite 3 p.m. on Nov. 6 in the central United States. The national polls, depending on where you live in the country, will not close for hours. Yet, I am making a bold prediction that President Barack Obama will win and those of us who worked for his re-election bid will be emboldened knowing that an agenda that we believed in and supported will be pursued for another four years.

Mr. Obama has been a wonderful president. He has served the nation without the presence of a personal or national scandal. His policies prevented the nation from falling into a second economic depression.

His first piece of legislation guaranteed women equal pay for equal work. He appointed two women to the United States Supreme Court. He saved America’s automobile industry He supervised the destruction of the madmen called Al Qaeda. He eliminated the fear among some young men and women, of being swept from their beds at night and returned to countries that were foreign to them.

established an agency that protects consumers from voracious lenders and creditors. He gave hope to so many of us whose spirits had been dimmed and nearly darkened and he insisted that capital growth be fair and equitable.

There is much more that he did but so little space to write all of his accomplishments. Of course, his policies are not accepted by all. This is a

Democracy and people have the right to oppose those with whom they disagree.

Yet, some of those who are against our president oppose him not because of what he has promulgated, but simply because of who he is and what they think of his origins. For the past four years, I have watched them and pitied them.

No matter what one thinks of Mr. Obama and no matter how they voted or will vote, one thing is certain: America will never be the same again because Barack Obama was elected president of the United States. And today, you have young boys and girls from all types of backgrounds who believe that they can accomplish what Mr. Obama accomplished and more.

“Forward” has become their call to battle and they will never be deterred. And unlike some of us who believed that we would never see a person with dark skin occupy the White House as its chief resident, they believe that an Hispanic will one day be president, an Asian will one day be president, an agnostic will one day be president, a homosexual will one day be President and a homeless person will one day be President.

This nation owes Barack Obama, Michelle and their children much more than a pension. It owes them a debt of gratitude for four splendid years of service. And hopefully, once all the ballots are counted, four more years.
Joseph Green-Bishop