To stay relevant in the entertainment industry, celebrities must be imaginative and willing to reinvent themselves. This has proven to be true for R&B sensation Lil’ Mo, who is set to take her talent from the recording studio to the theater.

Lil’ Mo, born Cynthia Loving, makes her acting debut in the stage play The Color Purple at the National Theatre April 12- 24. The Maryland-based star said she is taking full advantage of the spotlight and calls her role in the production a gift from God.

“I prayed and God gave me favor. No audition!” Lil’ Mo told the AFRO in an online message. “I got an email on my (ask Lil’ Mo) blog and the producers were looking for me. They found me and the rest is a blessing.”

Lil Mo’ plays a church choir soloist in the show and will draw from her extensive musical background for inspiration. She has already been featured on hit singles with star rap artists like Fabolous, Ja Rule and Missy Elliott and is currently one of the voices of midday radio in the Washington, D.C. area on 95.5 WPGC. If her performance on the stage is well received by critics, then Lil’ Mo will be a bona fide triple threat in the entertainment industry.

“I would love to if time permits,” Lil’ Mo said. “I don’t want to do it just to be like everyone else. I want to do it and rock people’s minds. I wouldn’t want a stereotypical role either. I should play a lawyer or villain, not in a straight to bootleg type theme.”

The self-proclaimed military brat has spent significant pieces of her life performing in front of audiences, so performing in a theater setting doesn’t incite “stage fright.” “I’ll be singing. This is what I do. I’m my biggest critic. So I’m more nervous about me fitting into my outfits. I’m way too excited to be scared.”

Although Lil’ Mo has been completely concentrated on giving her best performance possible for The Color Purple, she won’t neglect her music career.

“My new album entitled P.S. I Love Me, is set to be released this summer. It’s been a long time coming, but the platform that is before me is one I’ve wanted my whole life. Feels so good to be loved!” the singer added.

Other musical acts such as Chaka Khan, Bebe Winans and Fantasia have starred in The Color Purple, and they all fared quite well. Even though Lil’ Mo admits she has big shoes to fill, she hopes to deliver a standout performance.

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Blake Bryson