“Mother, mother, there’s too many of you crying. Brother, brother, brother there’s far too many of you dying. You know we’ve got to find a way to bring some lovin’ here today, yea. Father, father we don’t need to escalate. You see, war is not the answer for only love can conquer hate…Picket lines and picket signs don’t punish me with brutality. Talk to me, so you can see oh, what’s going on…”Marvin Gaye

“History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.”-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Marvin Gaye released this song in 1971 and today 45 years later the words are as poignant as they were then and we are still wondering, “What’s going on?” 

Negroes, sweet and docile, meek, humble and kindBeware the day they change their mind.” -Langston Hughes

The words of Fannie Lou Hamer “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired” has rallied the people to unite with the cry “Black Lives Matter” after the recent murders of Black men in the hands of law enforcement officers and members of their community. The pundits want you believe that people are saying only Black lives matter. Don’t let anyone dissuade you from the truths all lives matter but Black lives are being killed.

“I wish those days would come back again.” Stevie Wonder on the days of community policing when everyone knew the police and he or she knew you; the days of Officer Friendly walking the beat being respected and respecting.

With the tragedy of the recent deaths what a pleasure to highlight Baltimoreans doing positive things and making a difference.

“There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life.”-Mary Rose McGeady

Congratulations to Michele Greer on her appointment to the board of trustees for the Baltimore City Bar Foundation.  Michele also serves on the Executive Board for the Alliance of Black Women Attorneys and is the co-chair of their judicial nomination committee.  She is creating a joint family law committee for the Monumental Bar Association and the Alliance of Black Women Attorneys to educate and prepare African-American attorneys for the unique needs of Black families in family law. The widowed mother of Shane and Brianna, Michele was profiled as attorney of the month by {Attorney at Law Magazine}.

Baltimore artist and New York resident Ambre Anderson will be in an upcoming episode of the hit show “Power” airing on August 7 in the episode entitled, “Don’t Worry Baby” featuring Omari Hardwick, La La Anthony, 50 Cent, Joseph Sikora and Anika Noni Rose. Ambre recently appeared in “Gotham,” “The Breaks,” and HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.”

Local artist H. Lorrissa introduces us to “Taco” in the hottest book for the summer. “This is a compelling novel for women who find themselves alone through widowhood, divorce or abandonment. A must read book for women sixty and over. (I guess I have to wait a few years to read it LOL.) My friend, Hattie Fields, sister of the late Howard Rawlings, is the author of this much talked about book and will be having a book signing in August at Colin’s Restaurant hosted by Nancy Briscoe and Vivian Braxton. Stay tuned for the date.

“Drink for you know not whence you came nor why; drink for you know not why you go, nor where.”-Omar Khayyam

The Khayyamites, celebrated their 60th anniversary at a dinner dance at The Double Tree-Hilton Pikesville. The group was founded by Liston George and Orville Swafford as a social club to entertain their family and friends. The current members are Joseph Bernard, Samuel Billups, James Coleman, Ronnie Hankins, Ellis Harcum Sr., Leroy Jackson, Robert Lockley, Robert Madden, Henry Moore, Jesse Murphy, Anthony Robinson and Earl Wade. The club adopted the philosophy of Omar Khayyam “Eat drink and be merry.”

The DuBois Circle celebrated their 110th anniversary during a dinner at Martin’s West with guest speaker John W. Franklin senior program manager, Community and Constituent provided the history of the newly created National Museum of African American History and Culture located on the Mall in Washington DC. Help make history by sending a donation to Lonnie Bunch Director PO BOX 96832 Washington DC 20090. Special thanks to my host Beverly and John Carter.

“One day you will ask me which is more important: my life or yours? I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing you are my life.”-Kahlil Gibran

Praise the Lord Saints, there are so many anniversaries to celebrate including, Professor Larry and Diane Gibson on their 43rd anniversary, former President Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter on their 70th anniversary, Gloria “Tuttie” and James “Peck” Bogans celebrating their 54th anniversary, Valerie and Mark Brown celebrating their 20th anniversary, Valarie and Scott Phillips celebrating their 30th anniversary, Carole and  AJ Miles celebrating their 24th anniversary. Here’s wishing you “Love and happiness.”

Fifty and fantastic was the theme for the all –black birthday party for national and international model Chyna Allen. She wowed the audience by making her grand entrance in a stunning red gown. The party was at Tabula Rose in Woodlawn. Everyone from the modeling profession attended including the legendary Travis Winky and model Kelly.

“Celebration time come on!” It’s your birthday:  my grandson Matthew Lee Packer  on his 20th birthday, Rev. Dorothy Boulware, former editor of the {AFRO}, Ursula Guthrie, Debra Coates Dr. Marian Davis Foster, and a special birthday wish to “my man Bill” Massey. Hey, Billy Hayes, I know he thought I forgot.

Continue to keep our friends Beverly Boston and Lyberia “Libby” Massey in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to recuperate.

Aleut Continua (the struggle continues).

Valerie and the Friday Night Bunch